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Journey to my Marathon

A week ago I made a decision that one of my goals for the 2014 - 2015 year is to run the Disney Weekend marathon. I’m so surprised that I am going to run a marathon, but here I am, 5 am, waiting for Bruce to finish his workout so that I can do mine. The difference between success and failure is planning and action. People who want to do things and do them have a plan and a dream. People who want to do them and wonder why they can’t, have a dream.

The last two half marathons I’ve completed have been walking _ running. My goal for this year is three fold. Have half marathon times under three hours and preferably closer to 2 1/2, and then to complete a marathon . the marathon. In Disney ;)

Having done half’s before teaches me that every work out moves me to my goal. Not just the long run or the one near the end, but the t25 this morning. So with my food. But one thing at a time ;)

2:50 and then it’s me.
What are you going to do this year? 52 weeks of Amazing and Here … We … Go!

Fest Time!

This weekend was a fest in our hometown and wow! If there is ever proof that you can have a blast without spending a dollar, this was it! Music Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. Sunday we danced in the rain. That’s three days of live music, dancing, and seeing Grandma and Grandpa. And Saturday was paddleboats with Daddy.

Love love love love love being able to walk to music. I wish Fest time was every weekend … next weekend is Labor Day and parades along with friends … good times again but for now, work J

Happy Monday everyone!


watching Aaron balance on ice skates for the first time, topple, get back up, then pull me to the ice … well, definately a treat. I can’t wait until we go again. Maybe next time i won’t have to half carry him (his version of dancing) around the ice! I’m so glad he liked it though!!

just found out Cinderella is coming to a theatre near us right by my birthday. The Rodgers and Hammerstein version. Totally taking my brown eyed boy.

Happiness is this right here …

Thanks for reading about my amazing life.

How’s yours going?


we wrote a song …

Lots of times in the car Aaron and I sing. One of my goals (and I’m not 100% successful) is to spend the time Aaron and I have in the car - with Aaron. Talking, singing, looking out the window, talking about school - whatever. The goal - ultimately - is not to succumb to electronic entertainment, or me talking on the phone. Sometimes I have a call I have to take and on really long car trips (Florida anyone?) and once to school, I’ve given in to YouTube.

But I count those as failures and mostly we are engaged, and at most, he has books to read for entertainment when I don’t suffice.

The Wheels on the BUs get old after a while, so we, like everyone else in the world, have added people to the bus. Animals to the bus. We’ve thrown things out the second story window … THere’s lots of things we’ve done to make the songs slightly different. Well, last week we took the Ants go Marching in and made it all about Lions, then Hippos, then Dogs … Kind of like with the Farmer in the Dell.

Now we took the 12 Days of Christmas and made it into The First Day in the Jungle … it’s really cute. For my nephews birthday Aaron and I made it into a little book and that’s the card that goes with the present. Of course Aaron has his own copy. It’s just a silly little thing but it’s the first thing Aaron and I have done creatively together that I feel like he really took part in. I’m sure he won’t remember but for me .. you guessed it. It’s my amazing of this week.

Speaking of - Bruce ran 16 miles this morning. I did Kenpo X and then Aaron and I walked to the Farmer’s Market, watched Trains at the Train Station, and then all around our town. Now I’m watching them play Rock Band (Bruce is playing, Aaron is “playing” :-)), and next we’ll head to my nephew’s 4th birthday. What a blessed life we lead …

Thanks for reading. What was your amazing for the week?


the way i envision amazing

We went to Barrington to have dinner but found a farmer’s market because theirs is on Thursday night instead of Saturday like the one in our home town, or Sunday morning like the town over. We are becoming Farmer’s Market’s connesiours (geesh! that spelling!) Walking through it we found a car show that perusing, we found a lamborghini. Just a fun thing. On the street and heading for dinner none of us really wanted, we saw … wait for it … the Batmobile. Really. the 1960’s Adam West version. Pretty awesome. I have a pic somewhere of a cop standing near it, he looks like he’s giving them a ticket.

We had ice cream for dinner, Bruce and I talking while Aaron danced around in the window of a faded ice cream shoppe. Faded as in shabby chic, not really old.


We went to Arlington Heights intending to have frozen yogurt for dinner but after that (this was a week or two later), we heard music and started following the band, as it were. We found the fest they happen to have that weekend. There was music, outdoor vendors, and general fun. And a friend I haven’t seen in 10 years. Kismet? Fate? God?


Bruce was exhausted after running so after we dragged him to a farmer’s market, Aaron and I headed to the Renaissance Faire. We spent the afternoon looking at the frogs, sifting through sand, and wandering, talking to random faire goers and merry makers. It sounds expensive but we brought in his food and were only there a few hours, so it doesn’t end up being.


we could sit on the couch, and not do anything. Which is not to say that doesn’t happen. This past weekend Aaron was sick. Hand, foot, and mouth disease. All we did was sleep, eat, and hold him. Because sometimes that’s what a family does. But the rest of the time … the labyrinthe from your couch to amazing can be as easy to cross as walking out the door and down the street. How will you get there?

thanks for reading!
K (day 2, week 2 p90x!)

Aaron and I spent Saturday morning volunteering for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you are around on Sept 29th and able to walk a 5k - or just want to show up for support, come join us. Details at we accept donations for the silent auctions, for the cause, and offer support. I love taking Aaron to volunteer and hope that, as he gets older, he will learn about volunteering simply by it being a part of who we are. It is never to old to teach a child that some people need help and we can provide it.

The other pic is one of my cousin Paul with Aaron. They have a really special connection and I love watching them together. In addition to volunteering, we had dinner with Paul and hung out at the park. Plus a birthday party for one of Aaron’s cousins (my cousin’s daughter) put us around family again. Life is good :-)

Thanks for reading!


Aug 1

It’s the beginning of a new month (can you believe it’s been 8 months???) and I’ve decided not to do the Chicago Marathon. I just don’t believe 26 miles should be run … by my feet. I am super sad about it and I know that when I watch Bruce line up I will wish I was with him. But I know that 14 miles in I would be wishing I wasn’t on my own on that course. I am going to do the half in Disney in January. Excited about that.

So … amazing … last night Aaron and I went for dinner with my cousin Paul. Aaron and Paul have this incredible bond and it is awesome to me to witness my little boy interact with someone else on such a level. He knows Paul, he remembers him, his bracelets (he wears those bracelets for causes)? He teases Paul. I love it.

So … maybe not exciting, but spending time with them, for me? Amazing. Awesome. and Grace. Especially after a day, you know? It makes everything good and right again.

Thanks for reading,


I self published on Amazon!

Well, I did it. It’s not fiction and it’s not poetry but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so I did it and within a few days you can pay $2.99 to find out how Aaron and I entertain ourselves. Or you can read it here :-)

10 Easy Ways to Connect With Your Toddler or Young Child

(while working full time!)

Table of Contents

1.       Weekends Aren’t the Only Time for Fun!

2.       Museum Pass / Zoo Pass

3.       Kid’s Activities (Online)

4.       Local Area Events

5.       Taking a Walk

6.       Build a Book

7.       Cook Together

8.       Sing Songs

9.       Exercise

10.   Pray

I’m a little (a lot) nervous, but also super excited becaue now that I’ve done it once I feel like - Okay - I can do that again.

So .. okay .. that’s it. 7,000 or so words. In print. Online. For sale. In about 48 hours.

That is all.

Thanks for reading :-)


ps I still felt better when I was 12 and someone sent me a check for my poem but at least this time the writing isn’t depressing!

July 2012

a little amazing for your morning
a little explanation

I want to explain the extraordinary thing my husband is doing. Our family is doing - but mostly him. To do that I have to take him and place him in your context of being.

My husband is a MAN. He’s a guy. He likes football and working out. He can bench a few hundred pounds (he’s benched me at more than I weigh now), can carry his family on his back. He’s a guy’s guy. He’s also like a kid. He likes comic books and superheros - loves comic con and snapping photos of people dressed up. His first half marathon was run as the Green Lantern.

His FIRST half marathon. Which was done about 16 days before his 38th birthday.

Which is to say that my husband, like me, sets goals in order to accomplish them.

Sets them, knocks them down. Sets them, knocks them down.

We pray a lot together. For a long time I don’t think that he has known what he has wanted tot do. But now he does and - in true Bruce fashion - he’s going after it. And I am SO PROUD OF HIM. And so excited for him. I can picture him next to someone, climbing a mountain with them, not because it’s his dream, but because it was theirs - and they needed someone to do it with them. That’s how he is.

I know it won’t be easy. It will take sacrifice to get there. But the path of least resistance is never worth fighting for, and rarely worth visiting.

So … that is my amazing this morning. My husband, Bruce Averyheart. Who is on a journey - and I guess we all are - that is a HUGE leap of faith. But I know he can do it. Wherever it may lead.

I love you, B


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